Nov 19



This bride "ashley" was so "hot" we had to cool her off in this life size water trough!

This bride "ashley" was so "hot" we had to cool her off in this life size water trough!

Oct 24


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Aug 08


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Taylor.   She was so much fun to shoot.   For being only 16 years old she was very natural and confident in front of the camera which is going to be of great value to her in her pursuit to become  a fashion model.     Best of luck!

Aug 08


I haven’t seen a storm like this for 10 years…  The last one even close to this good was in July of 1999.      Around 1:30 in the morning on the night of Aug 5th this storm hit full force right at our door..   I jumped out of bed and headed strait for my equipment; didn’t even bother to grab my clothes or shoes..   I headed out in my back yard and then further into a cow pasture in my bare feet and began to shoot this incredible storm.  Shooting Lightning is a rush.   The energies present are untouchable.   LOVE IT!

Jul 14

Family backpacking trip to the Uintahs

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Mick, Amy, Kaden and Brad…  Stoped at Wall Lake   (about 1.2 miles in)  for a quick rest… This was the boys first backpacking trip.


So far so good!

By the way… All of these photos were taken with my little point and shoot Canon.     Super sad I couldn’t bring my gear along…

but that alone would have weighed as much as my 40 lb. pack.

AWE!!     B E A uitful…       This was our campsite view!!     We camped at the “Twin lakes”  just off the notch trail…  it’s about a 3 miles in.

Notice the mosquito in the upper right corner?


Almost to camp.  Looking at Hope Lake…  and further west at Mt. Watson.

Trailblazers  Mick and Kaden.  You guys were awesome…

The trail turnoff to the “twin lakes” was very poorly marked…    (NOT MARKED to be more accurate..)   So, we end up bypassing it by a mile or so…not to mention the 200 foot elevation gain.

This view above is where we ended up and I knew at this point our twin lakes were behind us and we would have to turn back.

Despite the tired legs, neck and backs… and the news that we were going to have to go back down what we had just climbed up…


no complaints at all from the kids,  they just chilled out  for a breather and chowed down on their bags  of jerky and trail mix.

This view is of Notch Pass looking north.


Fishing at Booker Lake… (kids called it “Booger” lake)   Short day hike… Lots of fish… Great day!

We were lucky enough to have a natural spring near our campsite.   This water after purification was sooo amazing…

The lakes up here are full of rainbow trout and cutthroat.   Fish liked worms in the day and mayfly’s in the early morning and  late evening.


One of the many great views…


Kaden and micks catch…  mmmmmm they were good.


Best buds!


Gottal love the weather up there.  It rained pretty hard for about an hour.


The mosquitos were  out of control..   I’ve never experienced anything like it…  Even with repellant there were swarms of

them around our bodies every minute of the day.    At least a hundred or so… but who’s counting???

What relentless little creatures.     They were so thick that if you were’nt carefull when speaking you would end up with  a few in your mouth.


Inspiration…  Mt Watson and the sunrise on Twin Lake..


All of us at our last night around the campfire…


On our way home!!!  So sad to go but happy to leave the mosquitos behind..


Jun 11


Alycia… Graduating this year from Davis High!    We were having such a great time on this photo shoot and were getting such terrific shots that we lost track of time and ending up getting locked in at this location.     These are just a nibble of what we got.. Very photogenic.   Lots of great outfits, lots of different looks… thats the idea!!   Thanks Alycia and call me in a few years when you get engaged…

Jun 02

Meet Virginia

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This is Virginia!   Engaged to be married to Brady Pond in the Portland Oregon Temple on May 4th 2009!

The Portland Oregon Temple!   We were so lucky to have the heavy rain that day bypass us for the hour in which we took these photos at the temple.       Other than that break from the rain and another couple hours for their outside/inside reception  that evening,  it rained the entire week.  HARD!!


The pictures below with the exeption of the waterfall, are at (Ecola State Park)  This was going to be the  location of  Virginias bridal shoot the day before the wedding.  BUT…. She wasn’t feeling well the morning of, and we had to bag the whole deal.   I was bumbed to say the least…because I knew what we were both missing out on.      There was waterfalls, cliffs, the infamous haystack rocks, beaches and green forests with trees as big  as my car.     Gorgeous!


This waterfall is the “South Falls” in Silver Falls state park.    All it did was rain… Imagine that!


May 02

flying over my bride!!

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Tiffany and Ricky Pentz!     It was a rush to photograph this skilled freestyle pro rider…and his pretty bride Tiffany.   Ricky was pulling these tricks with his injured but healing leg that he broke only 6 months ago.   He’s a true die hard.   He’s got the tatts, the scars and the broken bones to proove it..    The  thing  I can’t figure out is how he scored  Tiffany:)  hmmm.  They were married on the 18th of April..  Both are from Evanston Wyoming.

You can visit Ricky’s website at Thanks guys!   Your awesome.

Apr 01

The The frozen waters of Hyrum Dam slapped the sense back into the few who were brave enough to take the Polar Bear Plunge.     Among them was Kresta Dehek who jumped not only once but several times…  She raised over $5000 which was donated to the Special Olympics.

Mar 31

Feb 09 Bob Sled team races in Park City

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What a cold sport…  This shot above was the last of my sequence of images, and this is when and only when the winds died down and the clouds blew on by and poored out the much wanted sun…  Most of these races and the shots that precede this one above were taken in a blizzard with strong wind and bitter cold temp.     Ahhh I love it!!

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