Dec 23

My Truck… my girl…

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Hello friends and family of Keenan and Lacie.  As you allready know they are going to be married on Feb 27th…

Be there…  and if you’re rich bring lots of money for my tip jar…. ha (if only)

As you can see Lacie likes to pick the finer things in life…  A good manly man and his truck...

As I understand it Keenan has custom built this  baby from scratch or at least pretty close to that..   I’ve heard it’s worth a small fortune..   Too bad he doesn’t know it yet… but as soon as he sais I do the truck will have to go in order to pay for this wedding and everything else that comes along with having a beautiful new wife…

As for Lacie…  Lacie is not only very pretty  as you can see…but she wanted to climb cliffs for her photo shoot…  awesome… (my kind of girl)   and we would have climbed those cliffs, but due to icey roads we had to bag it and go elsewhere..

Well lacie for everything you “loose”  you gain something else…       This photo shoot was a bunch of fun.

Thanks to Lacie and Keenan in letting me be a part of these great moments.    All the best..

Aug 09

Brad and Catherine

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Brad and Catherine…..     Going to tie the knot on Sept 26th….    Catherine lives in logan.    Brad comes from somewhere in Colorado.   Besides having the coolest name in the world…  Brad apparently get’s his “lovin on the run”     I couldn’t keep these two off of each other..       It’s alway great to be around this kind of energy and love.   Too bad us old “married’s”  couldn’t live this way more often…..    Keep the love Alive guys!!!

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