Jul 14

Family backpacking trip to the Uintahs

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Mick, Amy, Kaden and Brad…  Stoped at Wall Lake   (about 1.2 miles in)  for a quick rest… This was the boys first backpacking trip.


So far so good!

By the way… All of these photos were taken with my little point and shoot Canon.     Super sad I couldn’t bring my gear along…

but that alone would have weighed as much as my 40 lb. pack.

AWE!!     B E A uitful…       This was our campsite view!!     We camped at the “Twin lakes”  just off the notch trail…  it’s about a 3 miles in.

Notice the mosquito in the upper right corner?


Almost to camp.  Looking at Hope Lake…  and further west at Mt. Watson.

Trailblazers  Mick and Kaden.  You guys were awesome…

The trail turnoff to the “twin lakes” was very poorly marked…    (NOT MARKED to be more accurate..)   So, we end up bypassing it by a mile or so…not to mention the 200 foot elevation gain.

This view above is where we ended up and I knew at this point our twin lakes were behind us and we would have to turn back.

Despite the tired legs, neck and backs… and the news that we were going to have to go back down what we had just climbed up…


no complaints at all from the kids,  they just chilled out  for a breather and chowed down on their bags  of jerky and trail mix.

This view is of Notch Pass looking north.


Fishing at Booker Lake… (kids called it “Booger” lake)   Short day hike… Lots of fish… Great day!

We were lucky enough to have a natural spring near our campsite.   This water after purification was sooo amazing…

The lakes up here are full of rainbow trout and cutthroat.   Fish liked worms in the day and mayfly’s in the early morning and  late evening.


One of the many great views…


Kaden and micks catch…  mmmmmm they were good.


Best buds!


Gottal love the weather up there.  It rained pretty hard for about an hour.


The mosquitos were  out of control..   I’ve never experienced anything like it…  Even with repellant there were swarms of

them around our bodies every minute of the day.    At least a hundred or so… but who’s counting???

What relentless little creatures.     They were so thick that if you were’nt carefull when speaking you would end up with  a few in your mouth.


Inspiration…  Mt Watson and the sunrise on Twin Lake..


All of us at our last night around the campfire…


On our way home!!!  So sad to go but happy to leave the mosquitos behind..


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