Oct 24


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Apr 01

The The frozen waters of Hyrum Dam slapped the sense back into the few who were brave enough to take the Polar Bear Plunge.     Among them was Kresta Dehek who jumped not only once but several times…  She raised over $5000 which was donated to the Special Olympics.

Mar 31

Feb 09 Bob Sled team races in Park City

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What a cold sport…  This shot above was the last of my sequence of images, and this is when and only when the winds died down and the clouds blew on by and poored out the much wanted sun…  Most of these races and the shots that precede this one above were taken in a blizzard with strong wind and bitter cold temp.     Ahhh I love it!!

Mar 29

Runners ran across the famous “London Bridge”  in Lake Havasu Arizona.   Part of the run included this up and down climb of stairs.

My wife’s bulging muscles after her race!!

The age of each triathlete is written on the back of their right leg…  This was the oldest athlete at 80 years old…

Go Marcy!!  This is my wife’s sister.

Mar 29

Lake Havasu Triathlon The swim!!

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The chilly waters (60 degrees) in Lake Havasu Arizona, stole the breath of  hundreds of triathletes on the 21st of March..  Among them was my tough wife Amy…   This was her first triathlon.    She completed her swim of 500 meters, bike of 12 miles and run  of 3.2 miles in 1 hour and 41 minutes.  She finished 6th in her division.   This was a huge accomplishment for her first time.

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