May 07

It was very late in the night on May the 6th…  (I was working on my new web site and a different entry in this blog page…)  I crawled into bed around 2:30 am. for what was going to be a greatly anticipated good night of rest…    only to find that as soon as my eyes balls rolled back into my head and I ventured into dream world I was awakened by my sweet little pregnant wife next to me with the most bizarre request.  She was “worried” about her “turkey” that was thawing in the Kitchen and wanted me to go take it down stairs to the fridge..   Turkey I thought…  who thinks about turkey at 3:30 in the morning?   So…. half asleep I said ok and slithered out of bed and shuffled my way into the kitchen, picked up this 25 pound bird (felt like a hundred pounds then….) and carried it down stairs.   Cold water dripping all over me yea… (not exactly the kind of refreshing feeling you want at 3:30 in the morning..       I got the turkey in the fridge at went back to bed….   I quickley dozed back to unconsciousness and can distinctly remember dreaming about a flood..  There I was somewhere surrounded by this big flood.   Water was everywhere….   and then “smack!!!”   I feel this great big nuckle backhand to my right eye..  WOKE me dead out that flood dream.    At that moment   I was really ticked off and was thinking in my half unconciousness… “what the flip is going on?”    Well…. My cute little pregnant wife lying next to me was now lying in her own “flood”  and this time it wan’t a dream…    There really was a flood surrounding me….   Her little scratchy voice whispered over “Brad,  honey  somethings wrong… I think my water just broke.”     I knew my sleep was over…..        Here we were…  Baby Z was on her way..  2 weeks early but definately on her way…   There we were up and running…. frantically trying to figure out what the heck to to next..  You know how it is when your eyes are still half glued shut?  ANd your brain hasnt’ turned on yet?  Yea..     What a site that must have been…?     That happened at 4:49am  I’ll never forget it..     Luckily Amy was prepared ahead of time and had  her  bags packed as well as our boys…         Why is it that when your driving down mainstreet in Logan  on your way to the hospital at 5am in the morning with your wife who’s in labor  that every light has to turn red…?

Things get even more intersting…. Amy’s doctor had left the night before to go to Israel…   So he wasn’t even close to being around for delivery…

My mother and all but 1 of my 6 siblings were either out of state or out of the country..    My Dad was in Philly watching my brothers kids while he and his wife were in Mexico…  Mom was in Disneyland with my other brother and my 3 sisters….   Amy’s dad and step mom are in Germany and the others live out of state…      Just not the right time to have a baby..   (or maybey it was exactly the right time…)

Amy delivered our sweet little 5lbs 15 ounce baby girl Zoey at 12 :25 pm….    Her epiderral  lets just say…. numbed everything but what it was suppose to..   Amy delivered this baby alomst all natural…   Never cried once…

Zoey is amazing  and we feel so so blessed and happy that she is “ours” and that she is perfectly healthy in everyway…

We love you so much Zoey..  Welcome Home….

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May 06

This little cutie came to a family with a set of twin brothers who aren’t much older than she is and a much older brother who is 8 years old..  Awesome family..  What a challenging photo shoot but well worth the patience, to capture these fragile first moments of life..

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