Dec 23

The Deheks “full house”

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The Dehek Family:

Brandon Dehek is by far “next to me of course”  the NICEST GUY I know.

Brandon is a true friend and a great dad.    Kresta hasn’t told me if he’s any good at being a husband, but I’ll just assume  that he is…

Well,  I owed Brandon a big favor in exchange for his manly man labour helping me pour out and finish 13 yards of concrete at my home in millville.      In trade I hauled his  family up the canyon a couple hundred miles to get some beautiful fall colors.  We hiked cliffs, found the golden aspen trees and swam with alligators…

Brandon works at Nucor Steel.   His wife Kresta dresses up everyday like an officer of the law… (yes… this is because she is one)

They have 3 beautiful kids.. no cats,  squirlls or goats… just kids.. and race cars..

Brandon runs a little side business… Dehek racing..    Visit his sight at

He builds and races his car when he can afford it…I don’t know all the details but I do know that he  dreams of that moment in time… the one after the race…   the one with the big trophy, all the hot girls  and that huge life size plastic check written out to him…

He’s a very talented guy… and in all honesty he’d do anything for anybody…  that just how he rolls…

Oct 22



Can you say &*&^%*^&^%$^&%&^$   talk about stress when trying to shoot family photos (of your own family)   this size with kids, “bigger kids” infants and a dog in the wilderness.       All in all I think things turned out great…   Good fam!

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