Jun 02

Meet Virginia

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This is Virginia!   Engaged to be married to Brady Pond in the Portland Oregon Temple on May 4th 2009!

The Portland Oregon Temple!   We were so lucky to have the heavy rain that day bypass us for the hour in which we took these photos at the temple.       Other than that break from the rain and another couple hours for their outside/inside reception  that evening,  it rained the entire week.  HARD!!


The pictures below with the exeption of the waterfall, are at (Ecola State Park)  This was going to be the  location of  Virginias bridal shoot the day before the wedding.  BUT…. She wasn’t feeling well the morning of, and we had to bag the whole deal.   I was bumbed to say the least…because I knew what we were both missing out on.      There was waterfalls, cliffs, the infamous haystack rocks, beaches and green forests with trees as big  as my car.     Gorgeous!


This waterfall is the “South Falls” in Silver Falls state park.    All it did was rain… Imagine that!


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