May 02

flying over my bride!!

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Tiffany and Ricky Pentz!     It was a rush to photograph this skilled freestyle pro rider…and his pretty bride Tiffany.   Ricky was pulling these tricks with his injured but healing leg that he broke only 6 months ago.   He’s a true die hard.   He’s got the tatts, the scars and the broken bones to proove it..    The  thing  I can’t figure out is how he scored  Tiffany:)  hmmm.  They were married on the 18th of April..  Both are from Evanston Wyoming.

You can visit Ricky’s website at Thanks guys!   Your awesome.

Dec 24

This photo shoot brings new meaning to the Billy Idol song  “White Wedding”

Charlsie,  AKA  “Charlie”  and her man Brad (nice name by the way)  are getting married this Saturday  Dec 27th 2008.       More snow the better for this couple.   They are hard core awesome… Tough as nails and not afraid to brave the worst  that mother nature can throw at ya.     It was great to be around them and shoot these enchanting images in the middle of this blizzard.   It was a “white out” in Logan Canyon.    For part of the shoot we were somewhat protected by some trees from the crazy winds and snow sizzling by us… yet snow still  screamed at us from the ground up,  side ways and backways… falling off the trees down into our backs…   It’s one of those moments you know you are ALIVE!   My camera and lenses took a beating….    Throughout it all  these tough birds stayed well composed and full of smiles.    Great attitude!!

When we were getting back into our SUV’s (in the parking lot)  a logan city snowplow came cruizing by throwing snow what seemed to be a mile…  Lets just say I had to unbury the left side of my Durango.    I was inbetween our vehicles when the snow plow was approaching so I had to run  duck and cover behind there suv…    barely made it.   I almost became a little Brad snow man.   Fortunate for all of us they were allready in their SUV.      Wedding dress and snowplows…not a good idea…   Good time guys..  Loved it…   Just another day at the office…  Thanks for making it possible..   See you Saturday…     Forcast… more snow and lots of it.   Keep it ALive!

Dec 12

Kyle and Alison-  What a cool couple..  If Kyle treats his new bride like he does his harley they will both be in great shape.

Thanks guys.   Keep the love ALIVE!

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