Shortly after my dad took this shot we heard the closest and scariest bear growl I’ve ever heard…  Bears were coming out of hybernation and were very hungry…   We bolted!    This was at 11pm in May just out of Anchorage Alaska.








Brads bio!

Brad is a natural born artist.       This nature soon became his passion for life and all that he does reflects artistic expression.     His natural act for photography fell into place in 1989 as if it had shown up right on schedule.    He began with a Nikon 8008 film camera that he bought from a friend in  10th grade..   He quickly discovered his natural eye and understanding of compositions and lighting.    Time stood still when he was out in the world taking pictures…   He studied photography throughout highschool and took as many extra classes as were available.   He began his art degree at Utah State University in 1998…        In addition to his formal education,  the majority of his expertise is by nature of being self taught.      Before attending USU he was allready a published photographer and was marketing his work throughout Northern Utah, including Deseret Book, The Book Table, Usu book stores and more.

In 1999 he was hired as a photographer shooting glamour shots for Portraits International based out of Bountiful Ut.     He was newly married at the time with his son Kaden on the way (who is now 1o years old.)  This was the beginning to his portrait world and it is here that he mastered several styles of studio lighting.   But still something missing…  He quit this job and hired on with Bell Photographers.    He worked with Bell for a couple of years as a high volume photographer… Shooting high school dances,  high school graduates… large corp. company parties , sport teams and school photography.     He shot with a variet of cameras and mediums.       This is when he made the decision to take the risk and start his own business..    Finally In 2001  this dream became his reality.  At age 25  he was a business owner.   He found a business front in Brigham City that would work perfect as a studio..     For the next 3 months he custom built and rennovated that 1300 sq ft. basement  room into the  studio  he always wanted.     He was now creating and marketing his own self expressions and  could give people what he knew he could.       His unmatched style and his extreme outdoor approach with his clients quickly became recognized and highly desired.    With his prior landscape experience and his portraiture experience he naturally found his “place” where he continues to hold his own…  That is the balance of Nature and people.     People that know Brad and hire him do so for this reason.     His work reflects a life all its own and is unlike any other.

Outside his portrait world Brads work has been published in a number of Newspaper articles,  calendars,  including the recent 2007 KSL weather calendar, magazines such as Petersen photographic,  and  Utah preservation mag.   Some of his work can often be seen on KSL news.   He was chosen twice to be  published in a photo anthology book when he was only 18.    By the age 24  he  had published and printed  his  first scenic motivational calendar, that became a huge success and a sold to thousands.   He did the marketing himself and sold to most retail stores in Cache Valley including Wal-mart…(not easy to get into.)    He did this 2 years in a row but had to stop producing them in order to focus on his growing  portrait business.  He has sold hundreds of Lds Temple pictures of many of the LDS Temples to bookstores  world wide and continues to disribute these photos.    You can currently find his work in the Utah State Book Store,  The Book Table, Relfections book store, Words of Wisdom in Montana and soon again to be in the Deseret and Seagull Book stores, and his upcoming online galleries.     Brad lives in Millville Utah with his wife Amy and his two sons and 20 month old daughter.


What do have in my eye… if there is a bee in my hand…?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..”

What is beauty but love?  What is love but God?    That is my answer to life.     To See beauty.    To see beauty in all things is to see God.    And to see God is to see love.   To see love is to see Life.       It’s about connecting back to our “source.”   The escape from the chaos and troubles of life…    Beauty… It’s everywhere and so often overlooked and passed by..   Beauty has many faces.    And its not always the “obvious attractive beauty either…”   For example.   Recently I visited the country of Honduras, on the Isla Roaton.     The most beautiful things that I seen there was not the obvious rain forests, wildlife or white sandy beaches…  These were all beautiful yes.. but the real beauty was to be found in the humble people and there way of life..   and this is what inspired me the most.  It was found in the little boys who were using  empty plastic bottles and used fishing line to catch their meal for the day.   These kids didn’t go home to electricity… playstation… running water…. cold sodas in the fridge,  But they were happy they were content.   And you didn’t have to wonder either because it was all over their faces and in their smiles…       Beauty… It’s  everywhere.     and most faces of her are overlooked.    Beauty is the “music of life”     Beauty inspires…  Beauty softens the heart brings life to the soul.   Beauty changes people.   Beauty teaches and brings a sense of reverence, respect and humility for life.   This is how I felt when i left the Isle of Roatan.

My “job”

I have a great career..  I spend most of my time surrounded by people who are either “in love”  “falling in love,”  getting married,  celebrating the birth of a child, or celebrating some special moment or achievement in their lives or out in the serenity of natures beauty.   It’s a great energy to be a part of.          Day by day I’m hired to capture these moments  and/or I go out and find them myself and freeze them forever.    Its in this eb and flow that I find so much “beauty”  and so much meaning to life.       I’m in the “love” business…   Weddings, portraiture and travel landscape photography is only a small part of what I do and is only a fraction of what  I will ultimately  be doing..    I love all aspects and arts of photography…

In the future my goal is to pursue an “informal” biographical/documentary  feel…as I travel the world in search of its “beauty”…     Along with that I believe in always giving everything my best efforts and always giving just a little bit more than expected..   I strive to make my work with others fun and lively, positive and upbeat.   I love being able to show the unseen world to others as they become the elemental part of it….

In addition to shooting full-time portraiture… Every year  I travel to new locations throughout North America and from  sun up to sun down move about exploring and shooting images of this great planet..   It’s in these days that time itself ceases to exist.     As occasions will permit,  I’m going to travel the globe,  not as a tourist… I’m going to live for weeks or months at a time somewhere new in this beautiful world.    I will live in  places that are not the “mainstream” of our great “tourist/foreign/ America..”    I want to just live among these people, as naturally as possible.    I want to volunteer in any way that I can,  be it teaching, building libraries, schools, churches, whatever… doesn’t matter… I just want to get out of myself.  I  want to be a part of someone elses everyday world and experience life in “their shoes”   I want to be a part of something bigger than myself…  I want to give back, because I know I have been given so much by God.    And I  know I have so much to learn.   My wife and best friend Amy will be with me… and of course my cameras to powerfully capture and document the lifestyles, cultures, landscape and surroundings and experiences we are a part of.

In addition to this I want to pursue a deep search of all of my ancestors and then travel to where some of them were born and raised to obtain  a sense of what life was like for them.   Perhaps getting insight into my own upbringing and lifestyle….. I will photograph all of it and Amy will write about it..  She’s a very talented writer by the way…  currently working as a paralegal… dying for something more herself…

Closing thoughts:

I believe that the greatness of life is to be found in  “living” it…  fully living it.   And at some point you gotta give yourself permission to do that by saying YES!!   And you just can’t fully live until you know how to “see” the abundance of what there is to live for and appreciate..    I have a reverent gratitude for life.   I do take it seriously but not too seriously if you know what I mean…. That is a purposeful life.       The best thing anyone can do with their life… is to find the “beauty” that is within them.. and around them…feel it, use it and then give it away…pass it on…   How many a people today walk as zombies through life,  never trully “living”  just enduring the motions day to day.

“You will always Keep what you give” Albert Einstein often quoted, “The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”     ”

       Everyone has a “story”    And there is beauty somewhere under it all…     It’s our own stories that make this beautiful world work. The good the bad and the ugly…  It takes it all to truly realize and see this Beauty working perfectly, in an imperfect world..

I owe this great purpose and direction in my life  to my Dad..  He has been the quiet tutor, teacher and master example to me.  He has helped me build the framework in my heart and mind to house such a task and has started me at a very early age in developing this passion, love and vision…  One of the above pictures is a shot of him sitting atop a pristine crest on the sand dunes of Death Valley.   Thankyou Dad.  I’m forever greatful for what you have given me.    And thankyou for being who and what you are.

Thanks for reading..    All the best!

Green Lights…   Brad

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